What is HEAL?

What is HEAL?

Health Education through Arts-Based Learning (HEAL)
Who we are

Our project connects across Washington State University (WSU) and its partner communities in Washington State. Within WSU, our interdisciplinary collaboration includes the College of Education, the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource SciencesWSU Extension, and the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. Our community partners include formal and informal education institutions and other diverse community organizations in Washington State’s Franklin, Benton, and Yakima counties and surrounding regions.

The collaborative team includes Molly L. Kelton, Jeb Owen, Alison J. White, AnaMaria Diaz Martinez, David H. Garcia, and Robert W. Danielson, with vital support from WSU graduate students, community educators, and partners.

Our mission

Create together new and inspiring ways of using the arts to learn about health sciences.

Build on the strengths of young people, their families, and communities to see themselves and their futures in biomedicine.

Foster equity and justice in rural health education.